Finally finished all the LucasArts adventure games with Sam and Max

I must have started with Sam and Max Hit the Road over five times in the last twentyfive years. But in all those years, I’ve never finished it. At long last my replaying all the LucasArts adventure games that started way back in 2020 led me to Sam and Max again. It turned out I never got further than halfway through the game. And that the last half of the game is just as good as the first half.

I resorted to a walkthrough three times during the game. In two of those instances I had missed an area of the game. One even on the first screen! Another one was the entrance to a room. I found some puzzles a little bit too obscure, but most made sense.

A lot of times in these games, I solve puzzles that only make sense further on in the game, which leave me feeling confused about what I have just done and why.

This game falls in the middle of the LucasArts adventure games for me. But I can see someone who is into the Sam and Max characters rating it higher. I definitely want to play the newer Sam and Max games sometime.

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