With this walkman I can finally listen to Loom

Remember when I was excited about getting a boxed copy of Loom? And that I was looking forward to listening to the intro on cassette, but was bummed to find that my Sharp WQ-T234 cassette recorder, that I had as a teenager and recently got hold of again, had problems playing tapes properly? And that I probably had to clean it and replace some parts? Well, that never happened and I listened to the intro on YouTube instead.

But now things have changed. I still haven’t fixed the Sharp, but I got a walkman instead. It’s an extremely generic looking Grundig BB38 Automatic Stop Stereo Cassette Player. But it’s in near mint condition (probably because it’s such an unattractive looking unit.) And it plays just fine. I’ll listen to the audio cassette from Loom again tonight. I think it’s the only audio cassette in my house at the moment though, so maybe that situation needs to be rectified…

Of course a walkman needs to be present in a proper retro game room. So that’s good. But it wouldn’t hurt if it was a more distinctive unit. I’ll keep an eye out…

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