I need a record player again, to play Rocket Ranger

Now that I also have Defender of the Crown and The Three Stooges besides the remaster of Wings, I figured I also needed the remaster of Rocket Ranger for my collection.

It comes with an EP. Very nice, but I don’t have a record player anymore. This is my first vinyl record that I have owned in a very long while. The first record I ever got, I confiscated from my dad. It was Runaway from Del Shannon. I was totally hooked on that song from the excellent Crime Story series, of which I am the proud owner of a DVD boxset still. My first purchase from the US ever. Back when Ebay and Amazon weren’t a (big) thing yet.

The excellent Crime Story among other movies/series

I wish I hadn’t sold my copies of It Came From the Desert and it’s expansion Antheads years ago. I’m still bummed out about that.

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