The next LucasArts adventure game after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is Loom. Loom is the only remaining classic LucasArts adventure game that I haven’t played yet. I’m very excited to play it and hopeful that I will be enjoying myself much more than with Indy 3. I started with listening to the audio cassette tape, only to find that my cassette player wasn’t up to the task anymore. Rather then cleaning it out, I just listened to YouTube. Then I read the manual and the accompanying booklet that describes all the musical actions in the game. I copied all the files of the 3.5 inch floppy disks over to a folder on the MiSTer. I downloaded the upgrade for the Roland music and ran the upgrade program on the MiSTer. I wanted to first play through the game with EGA graphics and was greeted with the familiar intro (I did fire up the game once or twice before some long years ago) and the nice but sparse Roland MIDI music. Let the goodness begin!

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