Got all the issues of my first games magazine from the 90s

I’ve been searching for the last issues of Software Gids for years. I have had issues 1-39 for years now and while I managed to add number 40 not so long ago, I was still missing the last issues. I didn’t know how many issues there were, but now I have issues 41-52. And I think that’s all of them.

Software Gids was the first games magazine I sometimes bought and probably the first time I read about games that turned out to be among my favorite games of all time like Ultima VII and Ultima Underworld.

I now have a full set of Software Gids, Hoog Spel and Amiga Magazine. Other magazines I used to read back in the days were Amiga Format, Amiga Shopper, Amiga Power, Computer Totaal! and Personal Computer Magazine. I’m not looking to collect those magazines as well, although having a few issues of Amiga Power and Amiga Format would be nice.

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