Exploring the red book music of my games collection

After listening to the game soundtracks from Morrowind en Divinity Original Sin, I wanted to go back to the excellent music of Might and Magic VII. I remember a lot of tracks very well. I looked at the shelf with Might and Magic games and realized that I didn’t remember the music from Might and Magic VI at all. So I popped the CD in the CD player. And although the music is very nice, I don’t think the tracks are as good as those of it’s sequel. There might be a bit of nostalgia involved here, because with most of the tracks of M&M VII, I can see myself playing the game. With M&M VI that isn’t the case. Might be because I prefer VII over VI and have played it more and also more recently.

Then I started wondering which other games have redbook audio. Turns out there is a List of games that use Red Book CD audio. And now I’m browsing through my games collection with a whole other purpose than only looking at the box art, the manuals and the screenshots. Some of the games on the list only have the intro track as redbook audio and some of the games I only have the floppy version of and not the CD. I might have to look at getting some of those. Or maybe burning them to MiniDisc.

In the mean time I’m listening to the soundtracks of Driver and Betrayal at Krondor.

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