Playing Boxy Moxy on C64 through S-Video to HDMI to VGA

I finally got around to playing the excellent Boxy Moxy on my Commodore 64. I have the very nice cartridge edition and that has proven to be a bit of a hastle for me to play it. The Turbo Chameleon is permenentally attached to my C64 and while I have a EasyFlash file of the game, I couldn’t get it to save. So while I have played the game, I didn’t get very far.

The last couple of days I wanted to play the game again and before I brought out the spare monitor which has S-Video in, or the long cable to play it on the B&O television, I thought I would try to connect it to my main BenQ BL702A through an analog to HDMI converter. And while I did manage to get it to work, the S-Video to HDMI to VGA setup looked absolutely horrible. So I had to bring out the spare lcd after all. Too bad my 1701 has such a bad case of annoying humming sound, or else that would have been nice to use. But that one is buried beneath a lot of stuff and also quite heavy to take out of storage. I think I might sell it.

Anyway, I managed to get quite a pleasant experience playing Boxy Moxy. The image doesn’t look as good as with the Chameleon, but it is servicable. One annoying thing is that I get a garbled screen in level 4 of the second world that prevents me from playing further. Aargh!

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