Talking a break in It Takes Two to play in a pool of paint

My kids puzzled their way to the castle in It Takes Two and didn’t let me join in a whole lot. It was fun to watch though. When they arrived at the gates of the card board castle, they were a bit tired with the puzzles. Luckily the designers have thought of this. This part of the game has a lot of fun things to spent some time on. You can launch innocent bystanders or push them off the edge. You can even launch yourself onto a dartbord for children which triggered nostalgic feelings for me, because I used to have one exactly like it when I was a kid and I hadn’t seen one of those in a long time. My son liked to ride the train and blow its whistle while my daughter liked to wade around in a pool of paint and paint a picture. They both had a laugh when they figured out they could flatten themselves through a press machine. It was all a lot of fun. Next time we will figure out how to enter the castle. I hope I will get some more playtime.

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