Fog Course in Lotus 2 not as easy as I remember

If there’s one thing I love about retro gaming is that you have decades of games to choose from.

Yesterday I choose Lotus 2. I didn’t get very far at first. And my hands cramped up. So I decided to change my trusty Suzo The Arcade joystick for the Quickshot II Turbo. I was motivated to do so by my recent look into the upcoming UniThor joystick. That looks like a fun project.

I must say that it felt more comfortable and I got further in the game. But the fun soon ended with the Fog Course. I remember that I used to get past this stage without much difficulty, but not now. I need more practice!

I’m looking forward to practicing more. What a great game this is! And what fond memories I have of playing it with my friend. It is not as much fun without him, but it’s fun playing it alone for now. And I’m making up for it by playing Horizon Chase Turbo together with my son.

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