Yikes! Githyanki, Sahuagin and an Ettin in Baldur’s Gate II. Without Imoen.

I finally made it out of the asylum in Baldur’s Gate II. After I helped some people in the pirate town and killed quite a lot of pirates, I sailed out to sea with Seamon. After a picture of a calm sea, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that the voyage wouldn’t turn out to be very peaceful for long. Clues were given about this when I was being told that Seamon was looking nervously at the horizon all the time. And sure enough, the ship got attacked by hostile Gityanki after which it sunk and we got rescued by semi-friendly shark people (or Sahuagin). Of course before they forced me to aid them, I first had to prove my mettle. This time by besting a two-headed ogre (an Ettin), which wasn’t very difficult.

Now it seems I will have to go into the Underdark. I was offered that choice earlier, but decided against it after Aerie exclaimed that she was very frightened to go there and she would surely perish if she was made to go into the Underdark. But now it seems I have no other choice.

My only regret is that I didn’t take Imoen along after all the trouble we went through to rescue her. I decided against that because I thought that would mean that we would have to leave one of our own (in this case Valygar) trapped there. Normally npc’s have the option to stay where we leave them, or return to a specific place, but this time Valygar only said that he would stay at the place where we had the option to recruit Imoen. I didn’t think that would be a humane thing to do. So now Imoen is waiting for us at the Copper Coronet while we have to go through the Underdark. Bummer! I wonder how Imoen is going to get there. Did she already take another ship? Ah well, I guess I don’t want to think too much about that.

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