Evercade Codemasters arrived. Which game should I play first?

Number 19 of the Evercade cartridges arrived. This is the Codemasters Collection 1. The only game from this collection that I have already played is Mega-Lo-Mania. That one I first played on my Amiga 500 and I also rented a copy of the SNES version a while after I had sold my Amiga. I played it again not too long ago on my Amiga 500, but I don’t think I completed it that time. I wonder if it is playable at all on the tiny screen of the Evercade…

Another game that I might spend some time on is Cannon Fodder. I never could get into it back in the day, but maybe now I can. Psycho Pinball looks like I might enjoy it. Never played it, although I love Pinball Fantasies, and still play it from time to time. I will also try Super Skidmarks. I used to play Super Off Road quite a bit on my Amiga. F-16 Renegade also looks interesting.

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