Warcraft III

Just when I said that I bought the collection to save me from buying the separate games, all those seperate games were being offered for sale. I hesitated only for a little while before I managed to restrain myself. Largely because I told myself this would happen. It isn’t like I ever played the HoMM games. I probably should, but I guess that won’t be anytime in the next ten years, looking at my backlog.

The money I “saved” got spent on a game which I also haven’t played and I’m not planning to: the big box versions of Warcraft III (orc edition) and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. They look very cool in between Warcraft II and Starcraft. I had to reorganize my shelves for them, because with the two additional Blizzard games, not all of the Bioware games fitted on the same shelf. Of course they didn’t fit already, because of the ridiculously big Neverwinter Night 2 box. So I moved the Bioware games to another shelf. Sadly, now I don’t have a prominent place anymore for Super Hang-On and Mega-lo-Mania.

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