Fallout 2 comes to those who wait

One of the games that is highest on my wish list to add to the collection is Fallout 2. I have been scouring digital marketplaces for a couple of years now and a reasonably priced copy has eluded me. Up until now that is! I didn’t want to spend hundreds of moneys on it, but I realized that I probably would have to spend a little more than I would be comfortable with to get my hands on it. Especially if I wanted to get the US version, which has a bigger and nicer box than the European release (although the US version is of the top-folding-out variety which is generally less to my liking than a box that has a separate front and back.)

But lo and behold: A few days ago, an alert popped up with a copy of Fallout 2. And it even was the US release! And for an asking price I could not believe. I very, very quickly made an offer that was a little bit higher than the asking price and hoped that that would persuade the seller to accept it. I knew that if he would not accept it within an hour, somebody would make a higher offer. As I always do, I also checked if he offered other games that I would be interested in and I wasn’t disappointed. He also offered Total Annihilation and Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura. Two games that were also quite high on my wish list. Both for very low asking prices. I knew from experience that if I would also bid on those games, that would probably persuade the seller to accept all offers. And that was precisely what happened.

And now I have this very nice copy of Fallout 2 to accompany its predecessor (albeit the European box) and its follow-up (the recently acquired lunch box). I guess this proves that good things comes to those who wait…

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