Getting my ass kicked in Baldur’s Gate II

At the beginning of this year I started with Baldur’s Gate II and decided that this year would finally be the year that I played this seminal game. Now the year is almost over and I haven’t played it since. A few weeks ago I started with Divinity Original Sin 2. But after an hour I put it down, because I remembered my intentions about Baldur’s Gate II. So now I am happy to say that I have been playing BGII a little bit the last few weeks.

I’m enjoying the early part with great characters with funny dialog. I do suck at it though. I cannot complete a single quest without dying or having to let it lie for a later time. I am probably doing something wrong. One of the things I read that would make it easier, is to turn off party AI. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find the setting in the menu’s of the Remastered edition for PS4. Only after looking for 10 minutes I encountered a toggle for it. Maybe this helps. Whenever I search online about the difficulty, I only see threads about making the game harder. That’s what you get for playing such a game at such a late date I guess.

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