New Amiga 1200 Skid Row case

While I initially opted for simultaneous shipping of the new Amiga 1200 case and the new keycaps from, I reconsidered after the most recent update about the progress of the new keycaps. The A1200 team keeps us informed about the progress they and their partners are making. It certainly is an enormous task with all the challenges they are facing. I just couldn’t restrain myself and wait any longer. I contacted the A1200 team and they immediately responded and shipped the case to me.

And here is is in all it’s glory. It looks splendid and has options to mount my Keyrah and Raspberry Pi. I don’t know yet if I will put the Raspberry Pi inside. Since I have a MiSTer I don’t use it anymore. The case also has mounting holes for a MiST, but I don’t know if it also mounts a MiSTer. And there is the issue of figuring out if there is an option to have a nice I/O solution for the different connectors in the case itself. A fun project to keep me busy while I wait for the keycaps.

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