Dungeons & Desktops

One of the first books about computer video games I got was the excellent Vintage Games by Matt Barton. That was back in 2009. In the twelve years since then I got a few other books, like The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games and The CRPG Book. But one book that I always had high on my wish list, was Dungeons & Desktops also (co-)written by Matt. It even underwent a revision not too long ago which made it even more appealing. So when I got a rather generous giftcard it was an easy choice what to spend it on.

Dungeons & Desktops is a great book to have laying around and reading in short bursts. Because I have been reading The Digital Antiquarian a lot in recent months, there is not a lot of entirely new information in it for me, at least not in the beginning of the book, but it nicely complements those writings. I am looking forward to reading the latter parts of the book, because the so-called Platinum Age of CRPGs is where my personal first experiences with the genre took place.

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