Organizing floppy disks

After messing around with MS-DOS for a few months I have a couple of 3.5inch disks sliding around in the drawer. While browsing through an online second hand marketplace, I encountered a storage solution that I used to have back in day. A container for around fifteen disks that you can slide out. I just had to get it. Not only out of nostalgia, but also out of practical considerations. Of course I also have a large storage container filled with disks with copies of Amiga games, but that is tucked away and never sees any use. It’s also too big to fit in the drawer for easy access. This is great! I already have too much retro stuff lying around as it is, so it is great to have organized this a little bit. Who would have thought when I got rid of it years ago that one day I would want to have such a little thing as this again.

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