Four computers on one monitor

A while ago I bought a KVM switch to connect different computers to one monitor and one keyboard and mouse. I would love to set up different computers with dedicated monitors, but next to the C64 setup, the Amiga setup and the work setup, I have only one place left. That place is currently in use for the MiSTer setup, but I would also like to use the 486, the Pentium II, the Athlon XP and a more recent system. The KVM works well. Although I must use a monitor with a VGA input and not the HDMI monitor I’m currently using for the MiSTer. I tried the Eizo monitor, but that only shows a small screen on the MiSTer. Maybe I can change one of the settings. I thought I saw something about DVI. I haven’t tried the 486 on the Eizo yet. I therefore resorted to the LG I was using before I got the Eizo. That works, but the downside is that it has a slight hum and it is a bit too high.

While messing around with this setup, I thought I would try to update the MiSTer. After the update however, it wouldn’t display anything. Looks like I broke it. I therefore made a fresh install on a new SD card. Maybe that gives me a more recent system. I will just have to copy my files over from the old SD card.

The installer for all the roms and games I used on my previous build isn’t available anymore. I knew that. I therefore resorted to a new script from Maybe this gives me some more roms also. I just had to change the following to the ini to get a display from the analog port through VGA:

  • vga scaler: on (to display scripts through analog)
  • scandoubler: on (to display cores that output a 15kHz signal)

I ordered a PS/2 to USB adapter with two PS/2 ports, so I could connect the KVM to the MiSTer. At first that didn’t work, but after a few reboots it did. The only thing that doesn’t work yet is the PS/2 to serial adapter for the 486. I bought a dedicated serial mouse and that does work. I think I need a better PS/2 to serial adapter than the ones I have. But the serial mouse works so well on the 486 because of the low dpi, that I’m inclined to use the serial mouse for now.

A dedicated serial mouse for the 486

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