Moved the website

I’ve moved the website from a dedicated hosting service to I mainly chose this option because I wanted to have more exposure and more insight into statistics. And I also wanted to change the domain name and I wasn’t certain how I could accomplish that with my existing hosting provider. I chose a personal account for now and that means I’m rather limited to themes and plugins. I might consider another plan in the future. I stuck with WordPress after looking into alternatives. I really like Blogger because of the no nonsense interface, but I couldn’t import posts with all the featured images, despite various plugins that promised to provide that feature. And maybe Blogger is a bit too simplistic in the long run. I also considered Tumblr, but found that lacking. Another option would be to move to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter entirely, but I’m not into that stuff very much. Although I might consider Twitter in the future still, maybe as an extra platform.

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