Dinky Island

Guybrush happily recovered all the four pieces o map. He then managed to sneak into LeChuck’s Fortress and got himself captured. After his escape he arrived at Dinky Island. I must admit that I had ever so slightly forgotten about this part of the game (shame on me). But once I saw the first scene of this part of the game, it all came back to me.

I found that getting more crackers was a bit of an annoying puzzle, because Guybrush simply refuses to use the shovel, which doesn’t make much sense if you ask me. I therefore was a bit stumped, but luckily not for long. The final puzzle is very enjoyable, although i can see that it is maybe a bit hard to figure out all by yourself how to get all the necessary ingredients. I don’t know if I managed to do that back when I first played the game, but knowing myself I probably used a walkthrough (from a magazine).

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