Vintage PCs

I got myself a couple of PC’s:

  • An Olivetto PCS 33 . A 386SX computer with matching CRT, keyboard and mouse.
  • A VLB 486DX50 computer in a mini tower.
  • A Athlon XP 1700+ in a midi tower case.

The Olivetti reminds me of my first MS-DOS computer my parents got for me and that I partially funded with the proceeds of selling my beloved Amiga 500. It had a Cyrix 486SLC CPU. Only after a while did I realize that it was actually a 386 instead of a 486 computer.

I got the 486DX50 from the same seller. I just want to mess around with this cool computer. It’s one of the first 486 processors. The mainboard only has ISA and VLB slots. It will be a cool project to see if I can get this working as my main DOS gaming rig.

The Athlon XP 1700+ is pretty close to the PC I had back in the day after my Pentium II. This was the first computer I assembled myself. I upgraded it a couple of times with more and faster memory and faster graphics cards. I don’t remember exactly which CPU I had. I believe it was a 1800+. I do remember that it overclocked really well.

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