The 486DX-50 project – part I: The beginning


  • Opti 495SLC motherboard/chipset with 5 ISA and 2 VLB slots
  • Intel 486DX50 CPU
  • OPTI-495SLC BIOS VER 2.1A (although the chip says AMI 386C Bios)
  • XTIDE Universal Bios installed
  • 128KB cache memory (one bank filled, one empty)
  • VLB I/O-board with the following internal headers: 1x IDE HD/CD-Rom, 1x floppy, 1x gameport, 2x serial, 1x parallel and the following external connectors: 1x parallel and 1x vga.
  • 3Com Etherlink III network card with RJ-45 and DB15 connector
  • 3,5 inch floppy drive
  • Mitsumi CD-ROM drive: CRMC-FX410A1
  • Quantum Fireball X3 harddisk with one 1GB partition and one 2GB partition
  • BTC 5339SX keyboard

I want to make the changes:

  • The battery has been removed. I want to add a new battery.
  • maybe add more or faster memory.
  • add a solid state storage solution.
  • add a sound card.
  • add a VLB graphics card.
  • add a Gotek floppy drive.
  • maybe add a 5,25 inch floppy drive.
  • add a nice case badge.
  • add a mouse (maybe through a serial to PS/2 adapter).
  • get a 5-pin DIN to PS/2 connector for a better keyboard.
  • get some blank PCI brackets to cover the empty holes.
  • get a more silent PSU.
  • maybe add a PCMIDI card.

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