New arrivals

Super Hang-On. One of the first games I had for my Amiga 500. I always kept that (pirated) copy back then. And kept on playing it until I sold my Amiga. Even in times when I had to make the often difficult decision to overwrite floppies for a new game. Floppies were expensive for a young teenager back then!

Another game from that period was Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker. I remember having fun with that. But it probably wasn’t one of those games that I didn’t overwrite.

And from the early PC era: Pirates! Gold. Probably one of the first SVGA games I played. Didn’t spent as much time on it as the original Amiga version though. It’s the white label version (sort of). I’ll keep a look out for the prettier version…

Lastly there is Toonstruck. Don’t know much about it. Only that it’s considered by many to be a good/above average adventure game. That’s good enough to warrant a place in my collection.

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