Done with Indy 3. Good riddance!

The part before the ending of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was a lot more doable than part in the castle that came before. Indy quickly figured out what to to in the Zeppelin. Most of the time he just spent running around. After leaving the Zeppelin, he quickly went down in another action sequence. After that there were more guards. The hint book quickly dealt with them. And then came the ending sequence.

I turned out Indy had completely missed the clues that were necessary to not choose poorly. The game makes it possible to proceed up to this point without the player knowing that he has missed vital clues. That’s just poor game design. So in order to get to the proper ending Indy had to retry the whole process numerous times. And as always the right choice proved to be almost the last one.

The last interaction the player can do in the game is either walk away, or get the grail, which most certainly causes his death. This is so obvious that I wonder how many people actually tried this just so they could see it and do the whole ending over again. At that point, I was completely done with the game, so that I wasn’t going to try just to see Indy dying again. I’m glad this is over. This is probably my least favorite LucasArts adventure game. The only one I still have to do right now is Loom. I think that will be a lot more fun than this one.

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