MiSTer upgrades

I realized it has been a couple of weeks already that I upgraded the MiSTer and I didn’t post about it. I’ve added all the cool stuff like extra memory and the IO-board. I’ve been tinkering with the Vga output, but couldn’t get it to display good on the Eizo monitor to which the Raspberry Pi was connected. So I decided to keep the output on a hdmi wide-screen monitor. Maybe I’ll get a vga to scart cable to connect it to the crt.

The extra ram enabled me to play with the C64 and Amiga cores and also the SNES core. I think I’ll keep the Amiga and C64 gaming on the dedicated machines and/or the Turbo Chameleon V2. I want to play the original Manhhole on the Macintosh core. And maybe also some nice looking Amstrad Cpc and ZX spectrum games. Lastly, I also played some newer arcade games.

It took some tinkering but I managed to get the wifi working. Turns out not all the connectors work nicely with every USB port on the hub.

It feels nice to have active cooling on the fpga. And you can hardly hear it, which is a must.

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