Playing GraviBots with 8BitDo M30

Because I still only have the DE10-Nano board for my MiSTer, I cannot play any games on cores that require additional memory. The Sega Genesis core is one of the few console cores that work without it. I already had fun with Aladdin, but found that the controls were lacking without a proper Sega controller. Enter the 8BitDo M30 gamepad. I got the 2.4G wireless version and not the Bluetooth version.

I tested the controller with GraviBots, a new game for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. It’s a port of the ZX Spectrum game. It has the same vibe as other games from Retro Souls, like Old Tower(s) and Alter Ego. While browsing their website I noticed another one of their games that looks interesting: Misplaced.

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