Made it out of the tunnels

Indy made it out of the tunnels under Venice. Although not very pleasant, it wasn’t a very difficult hike. A bit spooky perhaps, with red glowing eyes peeking from the darkness. But otherwise the tunnels were quite wondrously sufficiently lit to let Indy go about his business. He emerged again to find himself in a rather amusing scene with the woman he met in Venice and Marcus who was every inch as wet as he was a few days ago. All in all, the grail dairy had been a fantastic help in deciphering what to do. Now it was off to a nazi stronghold.

Like the dumb sob that he usually is, Indy just strolled into the castle. There he encountered quite a few guards, who he tried to sweet talk, but failing in that regard got into a fist fight with. Lucky for him, they didn’t use their guns on him. After a few such encounters however, Indy was quickly outmatched and went down. This being the actual game that he thinks his quest is, he was in the position to try again and again.

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