Indy went to Venice , but keeps saying that he should read his father’s diary. I read the part that comes with the game, but found it hard to read due to the handwritten style and I thought I had missed something. But after going through some more, I realized that I probably need to find the missing pieces that are in the game. My suspicions were confirmed after reading the manual again. It says that the first thing you should do is find the computer version of the diary. I will make Indiana go back to the university to search for it.

On another note, I managed to get sound working with the indy256.exe patch with the game blaster option. All I had to do is change the C/MS setting in the ao486 core for MiSTer. Also, I managed to get the Adlib sounds going by lowering the CPU speed from 90 to 15 Hz. But I prefer the game blaster and enjoy the higher speed, so I’ll continu using that.

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