Getting in the mood for Christmas

I’m getting in the mood for Christmas with the C64 Xmas Bundle from It features such games as Mancave, Nono Pixie, FREEZE64, Vegetables Deluxe, Grid Pix Avent and Doc Xmas.

I only played Doc Xmas so far. Great fun. Now with my most recent joystick. I made good progress the first time, but lost too many lives just before the part where I also had the most difficulty months ago with the regular Doc Cosmos (which I never finished). The jumps at this point are quite difficult, but I managed them in one go. Maybe because of this joystick . Also, the enemy when entering the screen above on the left of these jumps is very close to you and always surprises me. I’ll probably give it some more goes, but I’m not hopeful about finishing it.

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