Not sure if I Dig those obscure puzzles

I played some more of The Dig last week. I’m quite proud of myself for making so much progress on my own. I solved a lot of puzzles. Not all of them intuitive, because if their alien nature (being on an alien planet and all). I don’t particularly like those. Abstract things like raising pillars to energize crystals. Other things were more logical. Like catching and following a critter. The game drops just enough hints most of the time, so you have got to pay attention. The same goes for my earlier criticism of the bone puzzle. I actually noticed the fossil nearby, but just hadn’t made the connection. It seems to obvious in hindsight. I’m sure I could have figured it out for myself eventually. That realization gives me the incentive to carry on. And also the beautiful scenery and music of course.

The game is funny too. At one point it remarks about the nth time that you use a shovel. It’s this game’s version of a crowbar. Every adventure game needs one of those, some more than others.

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