A better Betrayal and a completer Redguard

Now that I have the bulk of the games that I wanted in my collection, it’s becoming harder to find those that are still on my wish list. And although I have all those games, there are some that are still incomplete or not entirely the version that I want. Recently, for instance, I got a copy of Redguard for cheap, but without the manual. As it is a game from 1998 it’s not weird that there aren’t a whole lot of goodies inside the box. The CD inlay and the manual being the only items. So, if a game like that is missing the manual, there is not a whole lot going on in the box. That’s why when I saw a collection of games being offered that I already have or am not interested in, but contained Redguard, I didn’t hesitate and bought it. I figured I should be able to sell the other games again for almost the same price.

As a bonus , it also came with a much more complete version of Betrayal at Krondor. I only had the CD-ROM version without any manuals. This version however while also a CD-ROM version also contains a manual with a very nice sturdy feeling to it and a fold-out map with a quick reference on it. The box is also much sturdier, albeit it has a bit more wear to it.

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