Poor Faendal. Skyrim AGAIN?!

After playing some Morrowind and even a little Oblivion, I ended up starting a new instance of Skyrim again. Again? Yes again. This must be the 15th time or so I started playing it again. Most of those attempts ended rather quickly of course. But some stand out.

I don’t remember the character that I played the original game on PC with back when it was released. I do remember that I didn’t play through any of the DLC. And that was also a good reason for me to get the remastered edition for PS4.

From that edition I remember playing as a sort of Rand Al’Thor character named Lews. He used destruction magic along with a one handed sword.

But for the most part I mostly play a sword and board character. This time also. I choose Faendal to accompany me. But eventually he perished in an especially hard fight against multiple undead. I’m sad to part ways with him. I took his elven armor to showcase it in my home to remember him by.

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