Back to the 80s with Wiseguy

I bought a nice tin box edition of Wiseguy, the great tv series from the 80s. It’s only the first episodes of the first season, but I remember that being the best story arc of the series. I have fond memories of watching this. It must have been a rerun, because I was probably a bit too young in 1987 that my parents would allow me watching this. I wonder if it will still hold my attention. It will get a spot right next to the magnificent tv series of the same era: Crime Story.

I can’t suppress a snort every time I notice actors in more recent television series that were very young in Crime Story. That was the reason that I bought Wiseguy in the first place. I’m currently watching Breaking Bad again and that got me thinking about how much younger Mike looked compared to the more recent Better Call Saul. And that got me thinking about a much younger Mike still. Like the one in Wiseguy.

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