Lots and lots of new games!

I’ve bought so many games and had so little time to post here that I decided to put them all in one post.

No doubt the centerpiece of my collection now is the collector’s edition of Morrowind. So cool to have this! The CD lives in my CD player from now on. And the art book is great. In the picture is a little game called Space Quest VI just visible on top of the pile. Sadly, there isn’t enough place to give it a proper place beside part IV. Now I need the fifth installment to fill the gap. Then I will need more space though. A somewhat similar game is Rex Nebular. Nice addition that as I generally love the MicroProse games that I love :).

I also got the Blackstone Chronicles. A game that I have owned before, but sold again and never played much. I got it from my father in law back at the time. Nice gift! But eventually I sold it together with a game of which I can’t remember the title at the moment, but also would like to have a copy of again.

Another game I bought is The Longest Journey. I already had a small box version and now I also have the big box. A game that I have played but never finished. A highly rated game also. So definitely something to go back to.

Some older games that I bought are Times of Lore and The Colonel’s Bequest. Not very much to say about those.

And Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. That one was on my wish list for quite some time in an attempt to get every infinity engine game. I bought it in a set with Shadows of Amn. A game that I already had, but this new one is the US version instead of the EU one. The box is slightly bigger (of course) and the icon on the front is actually reversed. I don’t know why that is. Now I just have to have the US version of Baldur’s Gate I also. And maybe a nicer version of Tales of the Sword Coast also…

I also also got my hands on B-Wing, the expansion to X-Wing. In the box is also the manual for Imperial Pursuit. Now it would be nice to have the box of that expansion also. And the manual for X-Wing that is missing and is needed for copy protection. Oh, and Tie-Fighter, of course…

For the Commodore 64 I got, the tape version of The Hobbit. A game I recently read about on the Digital Antiquarian. And also a cartridge of Pinball Spectacular. A game I was intrigued about back in the days. I’m going to use this as an excuse to whip out the paddles.

For the Amiga I got the already mentioned The Colonel’s Bequest, ShufflePuck Café and the seller also had a copy of Tiny Little Slug. A game that I read a review about and didn’t get yet, but just couldn’t resist now. I love Shufflepuck Cafe and played it very much back in the day. I remember managing to get very far in the game and that I only read a couple of year back that you could make it a lot easier by just adjusting the size of the paddle, D’oh!

I believe that’s it for now. But more games are under way…

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