Progressing in Hand of Fate and Baldur’s Gate

The last couple of days I’m enjoying playing Kyrandia II: Hand of Fate. I was able to solve more puzzles. I guess this game’s difficulty is just right for me. Although I didn’t like the puzzle that was exactly the same as the one earlier in the game in an area that you cannot go back to anymore. I guess the developers thought that the player would write everything down. And they were right, because luckily I did… I managed to mix another potion that allowed me to progress further. Now I’m stuck at winning a game of shells.

Most of my gaming time has gone to Baldur’s Gate however. I had to plow through all the maps in the game to be powerful enough to beat the bandits in the camp. Controlling my party with the thumb stick on the PS4 controller is much more pleasurable than endlessly clicking the left mouse button is on the PC. Managing actions during combat or while in the inventory is more cumbersome though.

About the fight with the bandits: My mage didn’t manage to negate the enemy mage so that he/she cast confuse on four teammates. Luckily those confused wandering about distracted most of the enemies so Khalid could hew them down with the help of Dynaheir throwing stones at them.

After that fight, the following confrontations in the main quest went more smoothly. The fight with the last boss before the city opens up was doable only by cheating: After being defeated once, I sent Dynaheir ahead the second time to throw fireballs. Three of my party members eventually died, but the rest was victorious. Of course I had to make sure I would take all their belongings with me, before flooding the place which probably would mean that I couldn’t get their stuff afterwards. I thought about resurrecting first and going back for their stuff before flooding, but decided that was too much trouble. Especially because it takes a long time to travel back and forth and you get attacked a lot while going from one zone to the next.

This got me wondering about the whole resurrection thing: Why don’t you have to carry the bodies of fallen comrades with you, like you sometimes have to do for certain quests? And why do you have to carry all their belongings? Can’t those just be teleported alongside the bodies?
Anyway, now I’m in the city of Baldur’s Gate and have done a few quests there already. Some good, some a bit naughty.

I’m enjoying the game, but I can’t help but feel that I would much rather walk around in that world in a first person view. But, of course that probably wasn’t an option back when the game was first released.

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