More N64 games

I’m slowly extending my collection of Nintendo 64 cartridges. Before I knew it, I was a few hours into Ocarina of Time. I’m still a little bit sad about selling my original cartridge years ago. To my memory, I collected about everything that could be collected in my original playthrough.

I’ve also got my hands on Mario Kart 64. Although, I didn’t have this game back in my N64 days (I had Diddy Kong Racing), I played it a lot at my friend’s house. He had two controllers and I would bring my two controllers so that we could play it with four people. Great fun! Although I remember that the battle mode in the original Super Mario Kart on the SNES was more fun.

And then there’s Star Wars Episode I: Racer. I always wanted to play this. I tried it for a bit, but I to actually enjoy it, I guess I need to practice more. I don’t know if I will do that anytime soon though, as without the nostalgia, this game is a bit hard on the eyes.

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