The perfect joystick?

In my ongoing search for the perfect joystick I got myself the first joystick that I ever had with my first Commodore 64: The Quickshot II Turbo. Only this is the version branded under the Sigma label. I’ve had one before but that one was broken and I sold it again. This one seems to work fine. And it’s not as loud as I remember. I find it’s the perfect joystick to relive the joys of old Commodore 64 games that I used to play like Xerons, Gyruss and Suicide Strike. It’s maybe not as good as the The Arcade joystick for modern platformers and the like. But I’m certainly going to leave it plugged in for a while. My only “good” (it has some minor issues) The Arcade joystick now can be hooked up to my Amiga.

I realize that such a thing as the perfect joystick probably doesn’t exist. There is a place and time for multiple joysticks to have that designation.

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