Ultima spin-off

Earlier, I mentioned that it’s becoming harder and costlier to fill the gaps in my collection and that I’m a sucker for nicely packaged big box computer games with a lot of goodies. Both things are true about the newest addition to my collection: Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams. It comes with a very nice map and two booklets that resembles passports.

Martian Dreams is the second spin-off to the main series that I have. Ultima Underworld being the other one. Both are different spin-offs though. While Underworld is a new engine (the revolutionary free roaming 3D engine) set in the Ultima universe (albeit somewhat haphazardly), Marian Dreams is a game using the same engine as Ultima VI set in another universe.

Because I’ve never really played this game and Ultima VI for that matter, this is purely an addition from a collectors standpoint. Not out of any nostalgia. It would be nice to someday play this game though.

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