Tower building

When I got the old Technics SU-X120 stereo integrated amplifier from my dad, I was both happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because it offered the chance of feeding my nostalgia with the stereo setup that we used to have back in the nineties. Although, I don’t know if i would be happier with the setup that I used to have for myself rather than the one my dad had. Probably more happy with my dad’s stereo in the long run. And since I have the second radio that I had for myself (the first one I chose and bought myself), I probably have the best of both worlds.

But I was also a bit sad, because only the amplifier remained and the other parts were long since discarded. Since then, I have bought the SL-P28a CD player that belongs to the setup. And now I also got the ST-X302LA stereo synthesizer tuner. Although I can listen to radio from my computer, it’s much nicer to simply switch on the dedicated device. I’ve hooked it up so that the power button on the tuner also switches on the amplifier and the CD player.

Now I want to setup my Logitech Harmony 300 (350?), but then I also need to connect the components with more cables that I don’t have.

I’m keeping my eyes out for the Technics SH-E85 graphic equalizer that my dad used to have. Although I doubt I would be using it to alter the music output, it would be nice to see those bars dancing to the music.

The seller of the tuner also offered the RS-X120 cassette deck. But I decided not to go for it, because I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I have the Sharp cassette player (sadly the cassette needs fine tuning and/or cleaning). I also wouldn’t know where to put it. But that’s also the case for the equalizer.

Right now, I’ve put the three components next to each other instead of on top of each other. It looks a bit weird like this because of the height difference, but it is more practical this way.

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