The Curse of Rabenstein

The Curse of Rabenstein is a wonderfully packaged release from Puddle that I’m very eager to play. This most certainly is the most purple game that I own! Way more purple than Pirates! It comes with a lot of goodies and the quality of the release is almost on par with the earlier release from Pond through Hibernated 1. Although I slightly prefer the glossy box of Hibernated over the mat finish of Rabenstein. It’s one of the most nicely packaged new retro inspired releases that I have, only slightly below Heroes & Cowards from Protovision and Thimbleweed Park. Although in the goodies department, Rabenstein outdoes Heroes & Cowards.

Hmmm, suspicious

I’ve played about an hour of the game and the graphics certainly add a lot of charm to the game. The puzzles are not very difficult and the writing is engaging. The only downside is that there’s no music. I was thinking about which music would be nice to listen to while playing the game and I thought about the soundtrack from Oblivion. I remember wandering through Tamriel and entering a little village that resembled Rabenstein. As I don’t have the physical edition of that soundtrack through, I settled with the Turrican Ultima Collection CD by Chris Huelsbeck that was lying close to the CD player. Talk about something completely different!

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