The original Warcraft in a BIG box

As my collection grows, it’s getting more difficult (and costly) to fill the gaps. A prime example of this is my newest addition: Warcraft Orcs & Humans.

Warcraft 1 joins the other Blizzard games in my collection

It stands head and shoulders (okay, maybe only head) above the other games in the series in my collection. That’s because it’s the US release. I’m glad that I’m not living in the US, because then my collection would take up even more room than it does right now.

Looking at the picture of the Blizzard games in my collection, I notice that there’s a game missing, namely The Lost Vikings. This brings up the collector’s dilemma how to organize your games. By publisher, genre, release date, etc.? Right now, I’ve settled on a combination of genre and publisher.

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