Fighting in video games and other weird things

I’m nearing the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition. At least I hope so. There’s simply way too much to do in this game. Like way, way too much. I guess it’s great for people who want to completely lose themselves in this world and micro manage everything. And that’s precisely where I’m having a hard time believing in this world. There’s way too much too little things that the player has to do as leader of the Inquisition. It’s simply not believable that he has to gather materials himself for instance.

Anyway, I’m starting to notice annoying things that aren’t all to exceptional for these kind of games. They appear in other games as well. But it’s a sign I’m not enjoying myself enough while trying to finish this game up.

I fought the henchman of the main bad guy and she’s a regular sized human or elf and I’ve pounded her at least twenty times on the head with a very big sledge hammer. She even fell down a couple of times. And I was not alone, my comrades sliced, bashed and blasted her and filled her up with arrows. And just before we finally beat het, she snaps her fingers and teleports on top of a rock and jumps off. But not before giving us a smart remark with little sign of her having injuries that correspond with being beaten.

A little while later the main bad guy shows up and starts to fly towards us. Luckily we can just escape through a portal. Why didn’t he teleport ahead of us so he could stop us. Just like his henchewoman did five minutes ago? Why, because that wouldn’t be dramatic of course. That’s the way it always is in such situations. But in this game disbelief isn’t suspended enough for me to not notice it and it annoys me.

And while we’re at it: Why is it that I have something like ten companions but I can only take three of them with me. Why not all of them?

I didn’t manage to finish this post before I finished the game. The end sequence was satisfying enough I believe. With some insight as to what happened in the weeks/months after defeating the main bad guy. I’m somewhat relieved to lay this game aside. As is usual for this kind of game I am somewhat tempted to start over with a different character and different companions. But knowing that I’ll mostly face the same content again I won’t bother. Maybe if the game was a bit shorter. I’ve put ninety hours in this playthrough and didn’t finish all the quests.

And besides, there are so many other games that I want to play. So much for Dragon Age for now. Hopefully we’ll see a fourth game which is good enough to play.

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