Cheap MIDI is expensive MIDI

I was messing around with trying to get good sound out of my Roland SC-55 through a cheap USB2MIDI cable, but that didn’t work. Well, sometimes it did work, but most of the time the music would be out of pace. So I did what I should have done in the first place and I bought a quality Roland UM-ONE mk2 cable. Luckily someone offered one for a low price, so I’ve still spend much less than a new cable would have set me back. But as they say: You get what you pay for.

And now everything works and sounds great. I’ve used MIDIBar to play some nice tunes and MIDI-OX to play a simple tune via the keyboard.

On my RetroPie setup, ScummVM plays Simon the Sorcerer very nice with the MT-32 mapping and the SC-55 in the MT-32 setting.

Now, I want a MIDI interface for the Amiga as well… And also a simple MIDI keyboard would be cool. Something like the Commodore MK-10 would be great for that retro feeling, although maybe it’s a bit too cheap and overpriced at the same time. Sadly my Yamaha keyboard doesn’t have MIDI out. Something I didn’t think I needed a few years back.

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