Simon is no sorcerer yet

Simon made some progress with discovering the world he was thrown into. He’s not too sure that he’s actually coming closer to becoming a wizard, but he certainly is seeing wonderful sights. He’s met a real bridge troll for instance, a dragon, a giant, a witch and more colorful characters in beautiful surroundings. His path is currently blocked by a snowman who thinks himself to be terribly abominable, but whom Simon takes not too seriously, like most of the things he encounters.

Among other things, he did the following:

  • talked to an owl that told him to talk to his reflection
  • tried to enter a mine, but a dwarf told him he needed a password
  • helped a woodcutter, only to rob him afterwards
  • got a sousaphone and used it

Helping the woodcutter involved a pretty random action though. And also a rare case of pixel hunting. Thank god for the highlight items feature (F10) of ScummVM.

I must say that I am very satisfied with the picture quality that my monitor is offering here in combination with the settings that ScummVM provides. Too bad that the monitor hums a little bit though.

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