Small box not big enough

Remember when I was so excited about the Revolution 25th Anniversary Edition? It’s still a very nice collection, but I know now that I want a big box release of the most important (to me) adventure games and crpg’s. So, after I got my hands on a big box release of Broken Sword 5, I lusted after other games by Revolution. And now there are a couple of additions, namely Lure of the Temptress, Broken Sword I and Broken Sword II.

After I played Broken Sword I last year, I still have the wish to play through part II again also. Although the game doesn’t get very positive reviews, I have some fond memories of playing it.

Of course, Lure of the Temptress also has less than glowing reviews, but I still would experience a bit of the game for myself. I have vague memories of playing a little bit of this game back in the days, but it could be that I’m confused with Curse of Enchantia.

Now, only Beneath a Steel Sky remains on the wish list.

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