Another collector’s dilemma: US version or not?

I’ve obtained a boxed copy of the expansion to Baldur’s Gate: Baldur’s Gate – Tales of the Sword Coast. It was cheap and the box is not in very good shape. Now to replace the combined box of Baldur’s Gate including the expansion with a copy of only the original game without the expansion.

Problem is, which version do I look for? The European version that is more common here, or the US version? The expansion that I have now is US version. It’s much nicer (if it was in good shape that is) than the European version. It looks like some kind of journal, whereas the European version just looks like a box. The US version of the expansion is also a bit taller than the European release, sticking out a bit on the shelf. But if I get the US version of the original Baldur’s Gate, then maybe that also sticks out. And I don’t want to replace all the BioWare games that I’ve already gathered with different versions.

Also, the European (Dutch) version of Baldur’s Gate II that I have, has a nice foldout cover. It would be nice to get Baldur’s Gate I also with a foldout cover. And maybe, there’s even a European version that has this.
And then there’s also the expansion to the second game, Throne of Bhaal, of which I would also like to have a big box version to replace the DVD version.

Aargh! Collector’s dilemma!

And that’s not all: I haven’t even played all the way through even one of these games at all! Double Aargh!

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