Before I knew it, I had been playing Broken Sword for hours

After playing Beneath a Steel Sky I wanted to try out Broken Sword again. I actually played through both part 1 and 2 many years ago, but beside the fact that I liked the games, I couldn’t remember much else.

Adventure Hall of Fame games collection

While I already have Broken Sword 1 and 2 in the Adventurers Hall of Fame collection (only the foldout, not the big box), a while ago I bought the Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection and so I now have all the games in the series. The collection comes with a nice documentary about the company and the games, a USB stick shaped like a sword, comics with introductions to the games and posters.

The Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection

So after I had copied over the CD-ROM via USB-stick from my Windows laptop to my retro computer setup (the Amiga 1200 housing with the raspberry pi with RetroPie with ScummVM), I started playing Broken Sword 1 and before I knew it a couple of hours had passed. I only stopped playing because I found out George can actually die in this game and I didn’t feel like doing a large part again.

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