Filled the gap with Ultima V

Remember when I mentioned there’s a gap in my Ultima collection? Well, it’s there no longer as I’ve managed to get my hands on a copy of Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny.

As with the other Ultimas before VII, I’ve actually never played this part in the series. Sure, I’ve booted it up a couple of times and walked around in it, but I’ve never seriously played the game.

I have put some 10 hours or so into the Lazarus mod for Dungeon Siege that replicated the game completely. I found it to be quite nice, but I got annoyed by constantly being followed and killed by three dark figures everywhere I went. I probably should have put more time into immersing myself into the lore of the game. Reading the instructions also would have helped to get a better sense of what I was doing.

Now, I’ve got another chance to do this. But before I do, I should probably play through part IV first. Unlike my copy of Ultima IV, this game comes complete with a cloth map and a feelie: a coin.

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