one, five, six! King’s Quest VI is here to stay

After my recent acquisitions of first part V and then part I, now part VI joins the ranks. It’s a diverse lot, because this is the Amiga version and the others are for DOS and Atari ST. The inner box is incomplete, but the slipcover looks great and only has some slight wear. The game comes on 10 (!) disks, not counting the install disk. Included is a manual with an embossed cover that, while not as ornately decorated as the manual of the first game, looks nice enough . The box of the DOS version of part five looks much nicer with the gold specks and lettering. I’ll look into how the DOS version looks and if it’s much nicer keep an eye out for it to replace this one.

If I understand correctly, the Amiga version was converted by Revolution software. The same company that made Beneath a Steel Sky and the Broken Sword games. And it was built from the ground up using their Virtual Theatre engine instead of the SCI engine from Sierra. I’ll definitely have to compare it with the DOS version when I get around to it.

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