Wishbringer: How to get the stone

I’ve played a bit more of Wishbringer during the weekend. I think I discovered a big part of the game world. That’s when I got stuck. I ran out of ideas about what to do. Although, it’s likely that I would have figured out lots more things to try if I’d left it at that. Probably a lot of things that don’t work, but still.

Sadly, or luckily, depending how you look at it, i heard a spoiler while listening to a guy in a YouTube video ruminating about text adventures and Wishbringer in particular. Basically, he told me how to get the stone. I don’t know if I would have figured this out on my own, but I guess I’ll never know now. I noticed that the game does give you hints, but I have to try if it’s just this one particular action that you need to perform on the object to get your hands on the stone, or if multiple different actions can lead to the same result. If it’s the former, I very much doubt if I would have figured it out. And that would mean it’s not a very good game…

Just like in Suspended, this is another game in which you will die a lot. I can see how this is logical from a story perspective, but I don’t know if I like this sort of gaming. I hope that not all the Infocom games have this mechanic.

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